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  1. Anyone who is familiar with WW,2 fighters knows yhe Japan Mitsubishi Zero was a lught weight agile plane well known for quick manuvers and handling. The downside of the lightweight was it was unable to hold up unfer fire. the fuel tank was behind the pilot. While american lighters were heavier, and not known for their handling they were able to withstand endless punishment. The Zero was easily sb.s. shoot down by pne quick 50caliber round. This game portrays the oppisatw. I can fire into a Zero 4~5 times and have it keep flying. The gsme has Zeros hitting the Corsair with a single bursr. and crashing. thats plain outright HORSE****. If you make a game make it real.

  2. steven says:

    Repairs and refilling not working when i fly over a flag ship

    • admin says:

      Try flying lower / closer to the flagship; note this only works on PNF “Classic”, not in C.E. version.

  3. Kevin Ballenger says:

    Hi Guys!

    I served 4 years in the US Navy aboard the USS Dwight D. EISENHOWER (CVN-69). I was an Aircraft Handler who directrd Aircraft to their appointed positions. I was known as ABH3 BALLENGER.

    I really like Pacific Navy Fighter, it brings back lots of memories for me! But I was wondering if their is a possible Update in the future, and if so, would it be possible to land back onto The Carrier when the Missions are completed?

    That would make it more realistic, and interesting!!! Keep up the good work Guys!!! 🙂

  4. allan says:

    Love the game. There is no game like this that I can find. But I am in a middle of a battle and the games freezes up and sends me back to the main menu. This happens everytime I play the game. Can someone help me?

    • admin says:


      Sorry to hear about your issue; hopefully this can be resolved

      – Which version are you using (CE or classic?);
      – What device type/model are you using?
      – What version of Android O.S. is the device running?
      – Also, should you be prompted by android O.S. to send a error report please select yes/ok (this helps a lot in diagnosing issues)
      – Does the app freeze for a long time (> 10 seconds) before returning to main screen? or is it a short pauze?

      Kind regards and thank you for taking the time to report,


      • allan says:

        To answer your questions
        Which version are you using (CE or classic?);
        What device type/model are you using?
        Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ 32GB
        What version of Android O.S. is the device running?
        Software 2.1.1
        Also, should you be prompted by android O.S. to send a error report please select yes/ok (this helps a lot in diagnosing issues)
        The answer is NO I have not been prompted.
        Does the app freeze for a long time (> 10 seconds) before returning to main screen? or is it a short pauze?
        At least 10 seconds or more.
        I hope I have answered all of your questions.

        • admin says:


          Thank you for taking the time to provide the additional information!

          Android 2.1.1 did indeed not yet feature the error reporting (unfortunately this makes diagnosing more difficult).

          Just for diagnosing you could try to play with either sound or ads (or both) disabled in settings to see if that makes any difference.

          There is a update coming somewhere in the next few weeks with a number of general bug fixes, hopefully that improves.

          Kind regards

          • allan says:

            I thank you for your feedback. I was wondering could it be the device itself that the processor is not fast enough for your game? The processor is 1.5GH. Your game that I have on my device is the only game that gives me this problem. I trruly love this game and I hope your update fixes the problem I have been having. Thanks again. And do keep up the great work. This game is the best. Love it!!!

            ADMIN: [response here because the thread cannot extend wider]
            Hi, the 1.5gh should be plenty; hopefully a future update will fix the issue

  5. erich b says:

    love this game…have played the full version for over a year and a half. Have not seen anything up to its quality in this genre. only trouble i seem to have is in torpedo alley, when i’ve finally bombed all the torpedo boats, destroyers, etc, things never come to a conclusion…after long lapses in action, a couple of torpedo bombers come along, i shoot them down, then another big stretch of time, more bombers appear and they are shot down…and so on without any resolution. this occurs while playing on the japanese side.
    I have the full, paid version. had to uninstall it and then tried to reinstall, but can’t get the full paid version back. Android or Google Play problem?

    • admin says:


      Thank you for the kind words and great to hear you find the game entertaining.

      The full version and lite version are consolidated to a single app. So downloading the version available on market should allow reinstall (you should still have the extra missions).

      The torpedo alley mission will need some investigation.

  6. Yamil says:

    I can’t change to Bombs.
    States don’t have torpedoes

  7. sam says:

    I have this game on my old tablet, I just bought a new tablet that has jellybean in it (brand name ASUS) and went I went to Google to download it to my new tablet it said not available for my tablet, why?

  8. Praveen says:

    it just says purchase is pending. 🙁 I bought the full version. Its just too long to process the purchase.

    • admin says:

      That part of the process is arranged by google play store and beyond our control. The good news is that it resolves itself (either by success, or receiving a email from google with the reason why purchase failed, so it can help checking out the mailbox).

  9. jeff says:

    I don’t have any pitch control.

    • admin says:

      Hi, try the ‘reset neutral position’ by pressing the back button in-game.
      Hold the device as you would to ‘fly straight’ when selecting the reset option.
      Notice the controls only work properly in a ‘normal’ position (like sitting holding the device in front of you). When held up-side down, control will be “off” even if neutral position is reset.

      As a last resort, try other games using the orientation sensors to verify the device is ok.

  10. T Rell says:

    Y’all haven’t gave up on making the game better have y’all??? It’s a good game. But please update it.

  11. Amul says:

    Awesome game !
    Someone please tell me how to use the lil transparent circle that seems
    To suggest relative locations….friendlies ? How do I enlarge that view to use it at sll ?

    • admin says:

      It shows relative locations of both friendlies and enemies. It can’t be zoomed on small devices like phones unfortunatly

  12. T Rell says:

    Y hasn’t Google play version been updated to 2.7???

    • admin says:


      Combination of 4 things: (1) I have been sick recently, so nothing can happen then, unfortunate, but a fact of life as I’m just a single developer. (2)Tech issues, a update of the build environment brought a number of issues preventing exporting release versions. (3) It took a lot of time to figure out what to (not) do in the update, as any changes can trigger compatibility issues, which is now a major concern with the high number of installs. (4) Well, due to being sick i’ve been too busy catching up with other things.

      That said, a update is now in the planning for the near future (hopefully within a few days). Note that will be 2.6.6 (since it will only be a minor update)

      • Gary Garland says:

        Great game! This was the first and for a long time, only game I had ever paid for.
        Is there any chance this will become available on Kindle Fire HD 7 or even WP8?

  13. Hi guys big fan and all I want to say is : love your game but you need to step it up and make more levels and charge more money. Its an awesome game and I will pay a little more and so would other people,so let’s go guys make some money. I await to see what you come up with. Your #one fan anthony.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anthony,

      Sorry for the late response, I’ve been sick lately. Happy to hear you enjoy the game.

      There is a new app under way which will be a sequel to PNF and although its like 80% ready ETA is unknown at this time, the new mission system involved is taking waaaay longer then expected.

  14. Klas F says:

    Hi, just wanted to thank you for what is in my mind the BEST flight-sim game on android.
    The feeling of flying the plane i superb, and there is just enough controls to give you a “sim-feeling” but not too many to make it impossible to fly on a tablet, and the gyro control feeling is also very good.

    Some more and more varied missions and I’ll definately get the pay-version!

    AI have a couple of future suggestions which you could maybe add to your backlog:
    – More varied missions (protecting islands, bunker busting, scramble (to defend …))
    – Maybe longer missions, with several targets waypoints ?
    – More aircraft – with different feeling (quick turn, airspeed, heavy/light guns, more or less damage…)
    Possibilty for heavy bombers (B17’s etc) ?
    – Possibility to play antiair ship/gun ? 🙂
    – More theaters – your flight sim base would be perfect for the eurpean theathre, battle of britain etc – maybe as a separate game

    Ayway, just a couple of suggestions – keep up the good work !


  15. bob says:

    All in all a pretty good game. I am not a gamer but spend several hours a week playing. Good job. The only problem I am having is in torpedo alley. There are a couple scenarios where one or two torpedo boats will leave the game. The game can not be won till I fly upto 2-3 minutes to catch them. And even then some times my carrier will be sunk in my absence. HELP!!!

  16. Trell says:

    If we release a torpedo before the bombers or someone sinks the ship, you should show the torpedo blowing up anyways whn it hits the sinking ship…

  17. Trell says:

    You all should try to make it an online game… Also if we’re coming in for a certain ship and another ship is in the way, our torpedo should be able to go under tht ship to get to the other ship.

    • admin says:

      Online, not in the near future I’m afraid.

      You maybe mean a ‘depth’ setting on the torpedoes so they can run under destroyers; that’s a nice idea, ‘maybe’.

  18. Trell says:

    Will V3 be released before next month??? And we should be able to drop a torpedo from the same height as torpedo planes… You should add more weaponary (like: speed bombs, heavy bombs,etc)…

    • admin says:

      Unlikely (but not impossible) that it will make it before the next month, it depends a bit on several things going on behind the scenes.
      Additional weapons and planes are being looked into at this very time, although it’s unsure if it will make it into 3.0 (maybe 3.x later on).

  19. Trell says:

    We should be able to communicate with our fellow pilots (like tell thm we’re coming in for I.J.N Carrier with torpedos/bombs)… We should also be able to drop our torpedos from a liitle higher up than drop it from where it seems like we’re going to crash…

    • admin says:

      Hi, radio communications is something that’s on the ‘want’ list for a while, unknown yet if it will make it into v3 release though. The torpedo drop-altitude is indeed low, part of the challenge 😉

  20. Trell says:

    Whn us v3 gonna be published.. Also you can sneak in more planes to choose from..

    • admin says:

      Hi, it’s progressing well, but no solid date yet. There wont be any new aircraft ‘soon’, but very likely ‘eventually’.
      Currently other new features are being finished first.

  21. guillermo says:

    Excelent game congrats from caracas venezuela

  22. 小明 says:


    • admin says:

      – Smoke not following the wind but being always ‘straight’ is a optimization (people with cheaper, slower devices want to play too).
      – It isn’t always sunny, there is missions with cloudy / stormy skies too, except for low-end devices where graphics are tuned down to save resource memory.
      – Not everything is realistic, indeed, its a $3 action game, not MS flight simulator.

      • 小明 says:

        安卓手机可以刷机,不需要担心设备不行。并且现在的智能手机都很高端。如果你一直在乎low-end device。你的游戏将不会有更好的发展。你需要精益求精,你应该设计一个规模空前,结构紧密。游戏画面应该更宏伟一些,其实你的游戏已经很完美了,只是一些细节需要改善。你的游戏可以加一些这样的东西,海洋动物,雷电,雨。

        • admin says:

          Thank you for your thoughts.

          Indeed, over time lower end devices will become less of a concern, but currently there are still a lot out there, and with the economic climate. people tend to upgrade less frequently.

          Rain and lightning are very nice ideas and will be considered!

  23. Maverick says:

    Why don’t you add more missions?Such as Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor , American pilot bomb the Tokyo and the battle about Midway Island and other ssomething.

    • admin says:

      Why not? (a) time, (b) budget, (c) more scenery is likely too much for lower-end devices.

      That’s not to say no new missions will appear ‘ever’ 😉 The specific events you mention are high on the wish-list, thats for sure though.

  24. Maverick says:

    The missions are so easy.Even though I play it in hard mode,I have done all of them.

    • admin says:

      Please talk to the people who claim it’s too hard!
      It will be looked at how to make more challenges.

  25. LEE. says:

    HI.. I enjoy your game P.N.F. BUT I feel the lack when ships fire canon and hit by canon make smoke…. ples I WANT… ple

    • admin says:


      Smoke is a tricky thing, it looks cool, but on lower-end devices (and even on higher end devices) slows down drawing a lot when flying in/close to it.
      So the amount of smoke effects is kept to a minimum. Maybe, in later versions more effects will be added.

  26. Dan says:

    When is the next update? Need one real soon!!!

    • admin says:

      Soon as possible, but currently hard to say ‘when’. It all depends a lot on how well (or bad) things go. That said, progress is okay so far.

  27. ray salem says:

    I cannot expect to get reply from admin. if my post is removed within
    hours of writing it. Please explain why everyone gets a response
    except me. Have sent 15 emails before and recieved No Response.
    Is this personal with this nonexistant customer care. Signed a very
    dissapointed player who liked your games once. Ray…. dare you to
    post this one.

    • admin says:

      Dear User,

      Posts here are not posted directly (only the poster can see them for some time initially).
      As stated on the posting page: “NOTE: your comment will *not* appear immediatly (it will be reviewed before approval).”

      I have reviewed records, which show 1 post by you (the above one).
      Email shows 9 mails, which are months between and have been answered. Please note that long mails, anything with attachments or harsh language is automatically filtered out, and there’s simply not enough time to reply to all mails.

      Like most android APP’s P.N.F. is developed by a “Indie” developer, just 1 person, next to a regular fulltime job. I go on holiday to sometimes, and then cant answer mail either. Getting a lot of mail, it’s also not always possible to answer everyone.

      I can do 2 things: (1) email all my time, and provide no updates to the game, (2) be selective in what to answer, and have some time left to provide updates.

      With kind regards,
      Support/The developer

  28. chuck says:

    Great game! Are you planning on making a surface battle game next since you already have several ship models made for this game? That would be awesome!

    • admin says:

      Yup, something new is brewing. And it will go beyond just ‘surface battles’….

      • greg k. says:

        Ive played yur game over 1,000 times already. Will you please make new missions ,or pacific navy fighter 2 game.

        • admin says:


          Good to hear you enjoyed the game that often!
          Keep an eye out on the BLOG page for inside information on the new title!

  29. jose a.c. says:

    Hey guys thanks for the refund….good news I redownlaoded the lite one again and for some crazy reason it play’d all the way with out shutting down and starting back up again. I don’t know what to say, it never did this. I’m going to order the full game next month. I will let you know how the game is responding …maybe this has something to do with me putting a biger gigger chip in the phone. 8 gigger. The one before was a 2 gigger. Hope all is well. Anthony.

  30. Ken says:

    I bought this game and it’s fun but I have a few suggestions:

    Have your other friendly aircraft do more than just bomb the enemy ship and occasionally shoot at the enemy aircraft. To make it more real, have your other aircraft also do some machine gun strafing runs on the enemy boats when they run out of bombs.

    When you machine gun strafe a ship, have their anti aircraft fire reduced/damaged like in real life.

    Having the ability of allowing the F4U also carry rockets instead of just bombs or torpedos.

    What about the option to fly other carrier based aircraft such as the F6F Hellcat?

    All these suggestions are based on what really happened during WWII. It would be great if these could be implemented to make this game a bit more realistic.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the suggestions.

      AI pilot’s strafe makes a good chance of making it into the game, it is actually ‘needed for undisclosed reasons’ 😉

      (near) “hitting” the AA guns is a nice idea, this will be considered, but this is a change that imposes changes in game balance and needs careful tuning and consideration.

      More aircraft types are being considered as well, although probably not short-term.

  31. stepo71 says:

    I love the game. I would prefer that, when a mission is won, you just get the message. I often end in a close fight with a ship or plane and then the mission is won and you can`t bring that fight to an end…

    Demo version…

    Thanks a lot for this nice game…. If google play store would accept PayPal payments, i surely would have bought the full version.

  32. Jeremy says:

    I bought the full version for Droid razr (used to have incredible) and can beat every level on hard except for “Under Siege.” It is just ridiculous there is a third battleship since AA shells and Zero gunfire are more damaging. I say take out the third battleship like the description of the level says (only two battleships).

  33. Brian Greene says:

    On guard the game will not end. I played for over 1and hour several times. Please help with you this morning issue. Regards

    • admin says:

      This is a issue that will be looked at soon.

      • admin says:

        Update: due to other things taking priority, this is still on the TODO list. This will be fixed in one of the next updates.

        • Zark says:

          Playing Midway with IJN.

          Destroy all ships I can see. Some run away with aircraft.

          Game doesn’t END. Ever. On any difficulty level. There are no enemies left.

          How does it end?

          Using Samsung Epic 4G Touch.



  34. Dan says:

    It would be really cool if there was a night mode

  35. markus says:


    thanks a lot for this great game! It would be nice to see some personal stats after a mission:
    – how many won dogfights/shot enemy airplains (+ how much ammo needed; hits in %)
    – how many sunk/damaged enemy ships (how many torpedos/bombs needed)
    – …
    Markus (Vienna)

  36. Greg says:

    I have a motorola cliq 2 ph. Amd when I play p.n.f. It freezes alot. Can u fix tjat

    • admin says:

      We examine all crash reports we get and try to improve. If it’s freezing without ever getting a not-responding dialog its beyond our control (usually driver, bios or heat issue).

  37. Kalyn Bradley says:

    Aircraft should be able to land on carrier.

    • admin says:

      Yup, it’s being considered, however it involves quite a bit of work, which most users likely would prefer to go into new missions, so that’s what we are aiming at at the moment. That said, landing option might be seen later on.

  38. Tim Reed says:

    I’d think shooting a torpedo in the water isn’t unfair. I’ve had ample opportunity. I assume guardian is unwinnable? It’s a long match! Love the game. LOVE. Waiting for new missions! Lol!

    • admin says:

      Shooting a running torpedo will likely make it into the game in one of the next few updates.
      New missions are being worked on right now.

  39. Amirul says:


    Can you create another game

    Recomand:pacafic navy fighter 2
    the last stand.

    i will be waiting for the game at the android market.

  40. Mark says:

    A few others seem to have experienced this; bought game but getting msg “License not found. Connect to the internet and restart”. Both done but no joy. What’s the point of this if you’ve paid to download it anyway? Purchase confirmed in Android marketplace

    • admin says:

      It seems that the google licensing servers are having intermittent issues at the moment (beyond our control).

  41. dylan says:

    I recently bought the game but my download won’t start how do I fix it? I really like this game as well as the kids

    • admin says:


      If google servers are very busy (or there is a temporary internet connectivity problem) download start can take some time before starting. Usually it resolves by itself quickly. Also, be sure to check your google gmail for confirmation mail that payment / order was succesfull.

      If the problem persists dont hesitate to contact us we will look up your order and check its status.

  42. Greg says:

    Before u added all the new features, the american fightersseem to fly faster. But now the seem to fly slow. Whats up that. I love this game, and hope u make morr . Thank

    • admin says:

      Actually the speed of the game (and of aircraft) has been increased over time to reduce ‘boring’ flight time.
      The player’s aircraft can also go a bit faster then the other aircraft, this can make it seem like other aircraft fly slower (relative to your own plane).

      • Greg says:

        I dont any speed difference. When are going to make another p.n.f. Game rumor say you are is that true.

        • admin says:

          We plan on more titles but nothing is certain.
          However PNF itself is still being worked on and will see new missions in the (near) future.

  43. Kevin says:

    I’m running your lite version on an HTC EVO with Android v2.3.3. After playing for the duration of a short mission, the phone freezes with the last sound repeating, and requires that I remove the battery to reboot. The error doesn’t seem to be related to the state of charge of the battery. I have noticed that the battery is warm on removal, but not as hot as it would be after a phone conversation. I have also noticed that toggling between guns and the torpedo generally doesn’t work – if I select the torpedo prior to launch and don’t change it, it works fine. If I don’t select it prior to launch, or de-select it then try to re-select, it fails and I’m stuck with guns. Any thoughts? Thanks. It’s otherwise an excellent game – one of the very few that I play.

    • admin says:

      ” I have also noticed that toggling between guns and the torpedo generally doesn’t work”

      It works only in 2 situations, and only in some missions (in some missions torpedo’s simply arent available)
      1. Before launch
      2. When all external ammo expended (no more torpedo or bombs loaded), in this situation it selects what *will be* reloaded *after* you pass over a friendly base or flagship. The reload is not instant after you press the button.

      On the other issue, we keep researching such reports but since only a select a few devices simply lock up (instead of proper error reporting by means of ‘force close’ / ‘report’ dialogs) these issues are near imposible to diagnose.

  44. timothy says:

    this is a good game. After I updated my game, the background alway disapper and become green in colour. It is hard to play without a horizon.

    • admin says:

      This is currently a known issue that is under investigation. So far we are unable to reproduce with the test devices we have available (multiple phones and tablets) which makes it very difficult for us to pinpoint. This is on #1 priority however.

    • tom says:

      Having the same issue on Samsung Galaxy S2! Would buy if fixed.

      • tom says:

        It may help for you to know that it goes green when you fire the last bomb.

        • admin says:

          Thank you for the detailled info Tom, especially for mentioning the device.

          The Galaxy S2 is starting to look like the common theme (a bit of googling reveals it is notorious for issues with games in general).

          We have no S2 available for testing, so that might explain why we cannot reproduce. We will of course continue to try to improve the game engine to prevent compatibility issues.

          • tom says:

            Good news. I got the firmware update to Android 2.3.4 for my SGS2 today. The problem has dissapeared!
            Looks like there was a bug in the previous firmware.

          • admin says:

            Thank you for the report! And that IS good news. With over 450 types of devices not having issues it was already likely it was version and/or device specific, but it’s great to have it confirmed!.

  45. greg says:

    Controls wont work now!!!

  46. greg k. says:

    I love this game. I hope u make many more. Like midway or normandy beach or vietnam . Yur game rocks. Thanks

  47. ken burdette says:

    I have purchased the full version of your game ,however once in a while when i go to the start up screen it asks to purchase the full version which i already have this issue only comes up every once in a while but aside from that i really enjoy the game,maybe in the future you can add some more missions and maybe some new aircraft like dive bombers

    • admin says:

      This can happen if there is a prolonged connectivity problem (no internet connection) the game uses google licensing service to check you license. Without it the game will act as if unlicensed.

  48. ben cady says:

    More help from friendly aircraft protecting the carrier would be nice

    • admin says:

      The AI is tuned and tweaked with each update, aiming to improve. However due to the complexity of events that can occur simultaniously, your milage might vary 😉

  49. Phil Utley says:

    I just downloaded the newest paid version on my HTC EVO. Has worked great up to this release. Now it locks up and requires battery removal to clear sound/phone. Phone doesn’t seem to be that warm. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Dear User,

      Thank you for this issue report. It’s possible (bit subjective though) to verify if the issue is heat
      related or not:

      – Wait until the battery is near empty on the device.
      – Then, charge the device for 30 minutes (charging generally warms the
      device a few degree’s)
      – Then, while charging (warmer device) try to reproduce.

      If the problem occurs earlier / more frequent then after a cold start
      (device power off 30 minutes before), then likely internal heat is the
      cause. Note that this does not always mean a device it hot to the touch on the

      One of the devices we use for testing (Desire) gives us no
      issues during ambient room temprature under 22’C, but locks up within
      minutes above 22’C, very strange.

      Of course we keep monitoring reports of this issue and try to find a way
      around it, regardless of the cause(s). Additionally we monitor all crash
      reports for any indication of other possible causes.

      Should you have additional findings or requests don’t hesitate to contact us.

      NOTICE: our office (including support) will be closed between 21 august
      2011 and 10 september 2011.


    • Joe H says:

      Same for me. Never had it lock up and freeze until after the most recent upgrade. Heat is not a factor with mine. great game otherwise

  50. mickey w says:

    I tried to purchase it but it will not install. Has been about 2 hrs. I tried to get a refund but it wouldnt let me. What gives? I dont buy a lot of stuff on the market but when i do, i expect it to be honest and to work.


    • admin says:

      Dear User,

      We regret your expirience but we have no control whatsoever over the pruchase and download process (this is arranged by android market google service).

      There is a good chance by now the situation resolved itself, since download initiation by google sometimes can take a while (esp. around weekends).


      “After purchase the full version will automatically download; this might take some time before starting if google servers are busy (in and around weekends). We have no control over this.”

      However, if the issue did persist don’t worry, we will off course provide a full refund in such case! So just let us know.

      With kind regards,
      DotSight Software

  51. Cody says:

    I purchased the full version of this game in June or July and this week have received many updates. One of which reset the game to the “free” version.

    How do I get the version I purchased back???

    • admin says:

      Dear User (we also contacted you by mail, but the answer might be helpfull for others).

      Likely this is a internet connectivity issue, without internet connection every few games the android market licence check will fail and the game reverts to mode as if without a license.

      With kind regards,

  52. Kevin says:

    The plain keeps crashing at take off. I have tried full speed and leaning my cell so far back that I can’t see. If u can, please up date game with orientation option.

    • admin says:

      Dear User,

      Have you tried pressing back button (in-game, but before carrier launch attempt), then selecting the reset orientation sensor option?

      Kind regards,

  53. pete s .uk says:

    This games getting better ,at last, no more red skies, however no torpedo option on HTC desire hd,option is there but no access to it via weapon controls?, needs as gun option on ships as I said before and free look…Pete

    • admin says:

      The skies have not been altered, if there’s no dawn/dusk skies anywhere in the game that would be considered a bug that we will hapily fix for you.

      Torpedoes are not available in all missions and if they are available it’s only possible to load/switch to/select/fire them in specific cases as explained in the manual and training mission.

      A common misunderstanding is trying to switch loading a torpedo instead of bombs using the right hand control (crosshair / bomb button, which selects active weapon)
      instead of tapping the left hand side weapon status indicator to switch weapon type reload selection (must be done when all weapons out and before reload, or before launching from the carrier).
      If torpedo not available for the mission a message “torpedo not available” will flash.
      After loading a torpedo, selecting it as weapon is with button on the right. Note torpedo can only be dropped when flying level and low enough.

  54. Amzika says:

    Love this game! Old times revived, I’m the Red Baron, etc. etc.! 😉

    However; version 2.3.1 (Lite) shows rather annoying green sea and sky rather than actual sea and sky. Sometimes normal vision returns in flight, sometimes only after a respawn and sometimes only after I end and restart the app. Also it crashes on some occasions.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII and I hope you can address these issues. Willing to buy the full version, but not like this 😉 Happy to provide more info if required!

    Keep up the good work! And oh, a Messerschmitt vs. Spitfire game does really sound good!

    • Stefan says:

      I have the same problem with this game…

      The sky turns green when i play 1-2 minutes.
      The only difference is that i have the full version
      Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2

      • admin says:

        This issue is under research at development; a update will be released as soon as a fix is available (it is the no.1 priority)

        • Rupert White says:

          I’m also getting green sky and sea as well as sea being invisible…

          • admin says:

            This is being looked at but progress is very hard as we so far have failed to reproduce. We will keep providing updates attempting to improve but currently we are in the dark as to the exact cause.

  55. Robert Thomas says:

    Could you have the zeros make kamikaze runs when they lose their carrier like in the battle of midway?
    Could you also give optional planes to use like the p-51?
    Carrier landings after completing missions would be great also.

    I like a difficult game!
    Also would it be possible to have boms and a torpedo on the plane at the same time for extra bombing runs?
    And more than one carrier for each side in the “battle group confrontation” game?
    Great game! Great game! Great game!

    You guys gave me cell phone neck! My head and neck hurt so bad that i had to stop playing the game! Lol!
    This game is da bomb!!! I can’t stop playing it! It is the best i’ve seen yet! Very great job you’ve done in creating it!
    Thank you! Please update soon! I can’t wait to see what you will add to it next!
    Normally i would not buy a game for my phone but i had to buy this one after playing the free version to death!
    Helluva job!!!!!!!

    Google should hire you guys for creating such a cool game!

  56. Rupert says:

    Well done on PNF it’s awesome.

    I’ve been using PNF for a couple of weeks without problem when suddenly this
    morning the program decided that it wasn’t the full version any more and I’ve
    had to reinstall. Maybe a bug you should look at.

    Also a suggestion : radar is really hard to read when things are very near –
    is there a way to improve this?

    Another : winds of steel has a control option to loop and roll – some form
    of that would greatly improve dogfights!

    Also: after being suspended (ie paused and then pushed to background by pressing home key) PNF doesn’t return with controls working properly.

    Lastly : ceiling seems very low at 4000 feet…

    PS – i think burst firing is awesome, and more ‘real’!

    I hope you’re working on a ‘European WW2 fighter’ for your follow up!!

    Keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • Rupert says:

      By the way – it would be really useful to have ‘flags’ on all ships. It’s often impossible to tell, when fleets are close fighting, whose ships are whose…

      • admin says:

        Something like this is on the roadmap (it coincides with showing damage inidcation to judge which ships are about to sink etc.).

        Showing flags and info will be optional (a preferrence) in future version, but it will not make it into the next update.

    • admin says:

      On the radar: good suggestion, this has been noted and a zoom in/out for radar will surely make it in a update in the future.

      Loop and roll; this wont be in the short term unfortunatly, but you never know 😉

      After resume we cannot observe a issue with any of the devices we use for testing. Does recalibrate by using back button menu help?

      Ceiling, yes indeed its unrealistically low; however this has been a gameplay decision, bombing from high altitude becomes to inacurrate to be usefull, and it would offer the player too much shelter (keeping out of reach of AA and AAA). That being said, “new game elements” in future updates just might raise the ceiling a bit higher (also, reaching it may become more realistic as currently its just a sudden stop without any affect on control response).

      On a European edition, not in the short term, but again you never know 😉

      Thank you for the feedback!

      p.s. hard work is being put into the next update (its approaching beta stage), hopefully we will post some footage of it here on the site in the comming days.

      • Rupert says:

        Good call on the ceiling – i like my games to be hard. It doesn’t *need* more ceiling, just seemed weird.

        loop and roll / radar – well, the real ‘problem’ with PNF is the difficulty in getting situational awareness. It’s v hard to work out where any enemy are around you when in close combat. so any way to rapidly alter direction, pull an immelman, etc, would be useful, if it gains situational awareness.

        And – i’ve just remembered another bug that relates to that. Enemy seems always too keen to ram you in the air. Not enough avoidance logic!

        cheers and thanks for the reply

      • Rupert says:

        I’ve just realised what would help solve many of these things – a ‘look behind’ button, possibly on the right above the ‘cockpit’ view switch.

  57. Chris says:

    Ich habe die full version gekauft, kurze Zeit lief diese auch. Parallel war die Lite Version installiert.Nachdem ich diese gelöscht hatte funktionierte die full version nicht mehr.
    Was tun?


    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear your issue.
      Try to uninstall the full version. Then install full version again (your account now has a license so you do *not* have to pay again).

      [automatic translation by babblefish]
      Hallo, Versuchen Sie, die volle Version zu deinstallieren. Bringen Sie dann volle Version wieder an (Die Lizenz ist Ihre, also müssen Sie nicht wieder zahlen. )

      Should it not work, feel free to contact us again,

      • Greg says:

        I have the motorola cliq 2 and it would not work. Ive notice the fire button on the game freezes at times to.

  58. Britton says:

    Getting a force close right at the place to choose the mission.
    Device is Coby Kryos mid 7015A with Android 2.3. Also had the same issue with stock 2.1
    App starts and you can select options off the other two menus.

    • admin says:

      Likely this issue is with the devices limited openGl support, maybe a reason why android market is not installed on factory default devices.

      On a ‘customized’ devices (warranty voided) where android market is patched onto these issues seems not specific to Pacific Navy Fighter (

      If side selection screen does work but mission selection does not it likely does not support some required features (mission selection renders full preview of missions and is much more demanding on GPU).
      However, the application tests for required features in Android Market filtering, and additionally again during application start (splash screen).
      Seemingly the device reports back features that it does not (fully) support.

      So unfortunatly there’s currently no workaround.

      Since there is no official market support for this device we cannot block our game from showing up as the device type signature is (currently) unknown to android market.

      • britton says:

        2.1 release loads and runs now but the steering (accelerometer/gyro) is wacky. Mostly turns in one direction or the other. Can not keep the plane steady. Very close. I still have hope.

    • greg ketchum says:

      I’ve already rebooted my motorola cliq 2 cell phone. And pacific navy fighter is freezing up at different times and. And when the plane leaves the carrier it won’t shoot the guns . And the bombs don’t drop right over the targets. The game needs to be fixed. This the only game I like. Thanks

      • admin says:

        Hi Greg,

        Thanks for the feedback! The guns issue is fixed in the next update (they actually do fire, you just dont see the tracers sometimes).

        There are no known issues with the bombs, do consider that the higher / faster you fly the less accurate bombs are. Additionally they have a limited blast radius (none if falling in water). Also usually targets tend to move to avoid being bombed so you have to lead / estimate the target position when dropping bombs.

        The freezing issue is being looked into as usual with all freeze reports we get from google. Currently the most frequent cause is beyond our control but we are looking into a workaround.

  59. admin says:

    Thanks! Will fix that immediatly. Reviewing all texts is on the TODO list here.

  60. aikidokajeff says:

    Love the game. (Demo)
    Not too easy, not too hard.
    Annoyance for me is using the “fire” button. I am on an HTC desire Z and it has a soft home key. I have been taken to my home screen many times now when I was wanting to fire (as they are right next to each other). 🙁
    Overall excellent… expect a purchase shortly.

    Deck gunner suggestion above sounds great. (Although us not on tablets, I’m guessing, would find it harder seeing targets until too late.)

    Thought about a ship based version too?

    Thanks for the great game.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your feedback!

      It’s know that for some users the buttons are in too near position of home button.

      Controls positioining further away from the edges is being considered to counter this, but there’s no ‘easy way out’ to this issue.

      Some suggest rotating the screen option, but there’s tech issues with that for now, and just moving the buttons centered vertically would only be a temporary fix as there are plans for additional buttons, so more buttons would inevetably bring some to the edge again.

      A game where the player is actually a ship is being considered but for now all effort is concentrated at P.N.F.

  61. Rick Warden says:

    Every time I try to load the game on my Droid X, it tells me it can not be installed on my SD card or USB device. I paid for this game and expect it to work. My SD card has plenty of room to accommodate the requirements. If I can’t get this to work, I would like a full refund. My review will be based on your response.

  62. pete s .uk says:

    Hi, l was looking forward to the update v2, but after playing a bit disappointed. I don’t like the Orange skies,no bomb count,a very basic cockpit overlay,still no look around in cockpit,no torpedo option and no options to turn on/off dependant of phone processing…losing interest now…Pete

    • admin says:

      Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the feedback; The orange skies are a matter of taste, we will consider making sky a preference once we insert the preference screen.

      The cockpit overlay is just “a start”. V2 took longer then expected and some things did not make it into this version among which are as you noticed a number of cockpit indicators, ability to fly the avanger and to choose weapon layout. This does not mean that those things are no longer considered; they just didn’t make it into this update.

  63. Josh says:


    Please fix the buttons on your game, which have been freezing up on me as of late & make it impossible for me to finish a mission. The throttle and the fire buttons simply quit working in the middle of a mission.
    Please work on this problem because I paid for this thing. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic game.



    • admin says:

      This issue has been adressed in the next release; this is undergoing testing before release in the next few weeks. This fix also includes being able to control both throttle and fire buttons simultaneously.

      All efforts are set on quick release of this update, we are aware the button issue is the most frequent occuring.

  64. Geoff says:

    Absolutely LOVE this game. Would like more sounds, such as realistic fly-by sounds and beefier sounding guns. Presently the guns sound like noise. Bombing is hard with no target reference points. Am glad to read sights are planned, though. Is it necessary to make the guns fire bursts? Ability to loop and roll, ie: Winds of Steel, would be cool. Perhaps a wake behind the ships would help us to determine their direction. And yes, sometimes the enemy planes wander off and circle each other. Wierd. Nevertheless, awesome game. Want it for my pc now! 😀

    • admin says:

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the game!

      Loop / barrel roll ~might~ be considered for far-future versions, possibly even full ‘normal’ 3d flight control (configurable since for some users it will be to hard).

      The gun fire bursts make it a bit easier to aim/hit, since currently there’s no aiming sight, and without burst you’d be pressing ‘fire’ quite a lot. We will consider making bursts smaller once there is cockpit view with aiming sight.

      Ship wakes are being considered short-term, we hope to get it into V2, but it might also wind up taking a few more versions depending on how development is progressing.

      • Geoff says:

        Glad to hear the revisions are in the works. One more concern that has become more obvious the more I play it- those bloody zeroes do just that! They zero in on me! Now I know that they used to kamikaze the ships, but other planes? Keep up the good work!

  65. pete s .uk says:

    Really like this game…v.much like a Microsoft sim I played around 15-20 years back. I think landing gear and to b able to land on carriers for repair a more rewarding experience flying a crippled plane back to safety. I used to like the torpedo attacks, conversely a deck gunner position would be great and I’d believe easy to jump into. That would be really something if we could play multiple roles eventually throughout the game. I brought the full game , well done and keep going…Pete UK

    • pete s .uk says:

      Pete UK … using HTC desire hd

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Carrier landings were planned for the original release but where dropped in favour of other features at the time; it might be reconsidered in the future though, but at this point is not a high priority.
      Ability to choose torpedo as a weapon is likely to show in a near-future version. Other (unsure) plans include to be able to switch planes in-game; the ability to control ships / firing could certainly be interesting for future versions.

  66. emyr says:

    Give this pnf game aiming sight please!

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